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Nation’s best email marketing platform bringing the most advanced customer-driven email marketing technologies at your fingertips. Our email marketing technologies manifest enterprise-level stature and target your most relevant customer circuit, thereby helping you plan and manage a campaign with utmost efficiency.


Fast Safe and Smart

Email Marketing

Each day you need to send thousands of emails to customers to keep your business going. At Mailkoot Communications Pvt Ltd we make sure that your emails are definitely delivered to your customers’ inbox and not into their spam. Our spam-free deliverability guarantee makes us a full-blown automation email marketing platform in the market where you can target your customers and offer them a more personalized emailing service.

Short Message Services

Short message service [sms] is a vital marketing tool in the present times. SMS Marketing generates time-sensitive short communications and effectively complements your email marketing efforts.

Enterprise Data Quality

Our enterprise data quality tool ensures consistent quality of the data through comprehensive governance of data and integration of rules that clearly certify data quality across enterprise. We stringently monitor data to prohibit any unwanted or unsolicited emails or poorly targeted marketing campaigns.


Fast Safe and Smart


segmentation facility

Our segmentation feature helps you create segments ideally tailored to the requirements of your subscribers. This segmentation can be carried out on the basis of profile info, website activity, geo-location, purchase history etc.


Create Send
Email Manage List

Our create, send, email manage list helps you create your own professional email, send the automated emails taking into account your customer’s preferences and behavior and keep record of sent emails all at the same time.



We offer real time reporting analytics & interactive testing tools to let you fathom and test the performance stature of your emails. Reporting analytics will present reports on opens & clicks on emails, shares, deliverability, bounces etc.



We ensure spam-free deliverability of emails. We make sure your emails get delivered right to your customer’s inbox. Thus to guarantee all future deliveries we automatically drop out subscribers who would mark the emails as ‘spam’.


Social media

Our unique email templates help in social media integration. You can share your email campaigns with the popular social media networks, invite subscribers to like as well as follow you on their chosen social networks through this feature.


Online reputation
monitoring facility

Our online reputation monitoring facility takes effective care of your brand’s reputation. With the help of this monitoring you can study the latest keyword trends and judge the email campaign’s effectiveness.


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As Opening for Skilled & Qualified email deliverability expert who will be responsible for proactive monitoring to ensure all emails make it to the customers' inbox alone.

  • Expertise in Email Deliverability
  • Implementation and Review of new feature in the application
  • R&D in E-Mail Marketing/ E-Mail Deliverability
  • New tools and product integration HTML
  • Consulting new Developments in Digital Marketing
  • R&D on ISP changes
  • management of reputation, blacklists
  • ensuring campaign accuracy, effectiveness
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Opening for qualified linux admin expert with adequate server management & system administration knowledge.

  • Linux Mail Server's
  • Installation of packages & troubleshooting
  • Linux web server as Apache with ip based and name based virtual hosting
  • Server Infrastructure like Database(MySQL),Web(apache2),Relay Server
  • Expertise IN DNS server
  • Email Testing for Inbox placement
  • Managing Firewall
  • Setting of PTR and PTF records of DNS
  • Responsible for mailing activity of various clients
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Opening for an experienced and responsible business head to lead the team, supervise operations effectively and drive in maximum sales.

  • Relationship Management- Clients/Channels
  • Exceptional skills in Relationship management
  • Relationship Building
  • Strategy Planning
  • Process Management
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Opening for qualified PHP Developers and PHP Programmers for sophisticated PHP Applications and customized website development based on PHP for our site

We are looking for Engineers with

  • Proven software development experience in PHP
  • Good knowledge of relational databases
  • Experience in web development using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript.
  • Debug & Fix
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